Armor penetration build for hunters 3.3

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The first build is better for players who don't have Armor Penetration soft cap. We are the only Hunters who can Deterrence Twice! Theres the armory profile of my hunter: You can shift the point from Focused aim elsewhere if you are already capped without it. Great for overall use. Burst as hard as possible since he will not die if he has high resilience. No point saving cooldowns since you have 0 heals.

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You'll have about 30 seconds before Gargoyle expires.

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PVE Marksmanship Hunter Guide, WoW WotLK 3.3.5a

Without Sacred Shield, he will take very high damage. The fact that you're still harping over that just stands as testament to your inability to process and digest new information. On Icecrown, I would highly recommend at least Resilience, since all classes have the potential to one-shot you in cc or just quickly kill you. No matter what we do, we always have a global cooldown of 1. It's over if you get caught without cooldowns to get away. Make sure not to break your own trap with auto shot. If it's 20, Anti-magic Shell is available.

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armor penetration build for hunters 3.3
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armor penetration build for hunters 3.3
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