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Considerations when Installing a New Boiler

If you are planning to install a new boiler to replace your old one, you need to consider some important things before your proceed. Below are some tips to consider when before you install your new boiler.

If you are to follow the law, only a gas safe registered person or company can carry out your new boiler installation, and thus they must have a gas safe card with them whenever they go out for boiler installation. And this is the reason why you must contact a local gas safe registered person or company to install the boiler for you. Be sure to check if the person you are hiring is registered to install boilers and you can do so by checking his gas safe card.

When considering a boiler, first check what your existing boiler output is. You can find the boiler output either on the case, the front panel, or underneath the boiler. This will help you decide what boiler size you need.

If you are expanding your home, then a bigger boiler is needed to cope with the extra demand. The average combination boiler comes in many different sizes. The 24 KW boiler is the most popular of all. Living in a flat or a small house would need a boiler of that size and capacity. If you want continuous supply of hot water in your home then get the 24KW boiler; this also can comfortably heat around 10 radiators. You will have 10 liters of hot water every minute with this type of boiler. If 10 liters of hot water per minute is not enough for your home, then you should consider installing a bigger boiler. Do some researches to find the new boiler that will interest you and get all the information you can get about it. It is also good to compare your preferred boiler with other types. Don’t be tempted to get the cheapest one in the market and if you want to know what is best for your home, you can ask for recommendation from an engineer.

Since there are gas regulation changes over time, the new boiler location may need to be changed from the existing one. If it is possible, simply install your new boiler in exactly the same location as your old one since this makes the installation cost lower.

Your need boiler needs a condense drain pipe that will exit into a drain. IF possible the drain should be internet; otherwise, it has to exit on an external drain. The boiler will surely stop working if it is allowed to freeze so you must protect it from the cold.

Before installing your new boiler, it is required that your heating system be flushed out and cleaned to remove sludge and debris. If you don’t do this, then the warranty on the new boiler could become void.

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