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Many of these early records relied on tales from tribes people or potentially dubious translations. Ironically, the only other cases that were documented happened in the s, and to women, not men. If there is any truth to the story, why is there nothing on it attacking women? Exhibition of specimens, and remarks upon the habits of the siluroid fish, Vandellia cirrhosu. Boulenger from a Brazilian physician named Dr.

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Using its umbrella like opercular spines on its head, the candiru fixes itself in position to feast on blood from the vessel-rich lining of the gills.

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Candiru – The fish that can swim up your penis?

Wikimedia Commons The candiru fish, in an drawing. Killers of the Seas: All we have are a few historical anecdotes and one very dubious recent case. George Albert Boulenger, the curator of Fishes at the British Museum outlined an impressive system of bathhouses, put together by the natives, that allowed them to bathe without ever fully entering the river. They also point out that the opening to a urethra is tiny, and even a miniscule fish would have to try very hard to make it through one.

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