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Then after gym you go in the locker rooms and change back into your street clothes. Well that's about it. I mean nobody is looking, they are all too worried about themselves then to look at another girl changing. My child wants to dye her hair with splat. Are locker rooms the rooms you get changed in PE?

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Perhaps men are just more comfortable being naked around each other and are more willing to joke about being collectively naked.

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Teen girls: How are locker rooms in high school?

If u dont want to take off your shirt and show your stomach and Bra then i suggest wearing a small light tanktop under whatever you're wearing to school so u wont be hot and when you take off your shirt for Gym you wont show your stomach or Bra. Most people get changed in the main area. Answer Questions Hey what's cracking peeps. Or are girls more comfortable talking about their bodies with each other, unafraid to discuss how they feel about themselves physically? Is this locker room shyness a gender issue? I would have to pass through the locker room the first few times, and it was weird. Ever since middle school, locker rooms have been awkward, even more so once you hit puberty.

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middle school locker room nude girls
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middle school locker room nude girls
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