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You had such a great choice of directors. Prisons Love rivals have vicious fight over inmate boyfriend outside prison gates. It was also slightly boring in the beginning but it picked up. I guess it's all relative to who you are. It's not full of gay sex, not even conversations of gay sex. The cinematography is outstanding and the story is captivating and endearing.

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I am, unlike like Ennis, very expressive and I've investigated love.

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Maybe he would have denied himself of that. As they lay fully-clothed on his hotel bed, Ledger opened his heart about his split last September with Brokeback co-star Michelle, 27, the mother of his two-year-old daughter Matilda. It will change your life. Do you think audiences will accept the film because they're not punished in the end? In order to further myself, and get better at what I do, I just have to make choices based upon what is going to help me mature as a person and as an actor. But like I said, they are blurred so you really can't see any genitals.

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